Who Do I Talk To?

1. Who are the best people to talk to at Thomas’s Academy about my child’s difficulties with learning, special educational needs or disability? 
  •  Talk to your child’s class teacher about your concerns. 
  • It is likely that the class teacher will have discussed your concerns with the SENCo- Mrs. Scott. You may wish to arrange a meeting with the SENCo. 
  • If you continue to have concerns arrange to discuss these with Mrs. Clare James the Deputy Head teacher. 
2. Who can I contact if I have a complaint about the SEND provision made for my child? 
  • Initially speak with your child’s teacher, LSA and/or the SENCo. Hopefully they will be able to address your concerns. 
  • You can then contact the Deputy Head teachers, who may direct you to the school’s Complaints Policy and procedure. (see list of policies on SEND page) 
3. If I have any other questions about my child at Thomas’s Academy, who can I ask? 

At Thomas’s Academy we are very happy to speak to you about any aspects of your child’s education. It is best to speak to one of the following in this order: 

  • The class teacher 
  • The SENCo 
  • Either of the two Deputy Head teachers 
  • The Headteacher