Character Curriculum

At Thomas’s Academy, we are committed  to  cultivating  a school  culture in  which  our  pupils  thrive  in  all aspects of emotional, social and academic development. We want each pupil to leave our school as a rounded and resilient young person, able to make wise, emotionally healthy, socially responsible choices. Just as we support and track our pupils’ academic development, we support and track their social and emotional development. This year have introduced an innovative assessment tool to help us do this.

Twice yearly, all pupils in Years 3 - 6 complete a short on-line assessment called AS tracking. This assessment helps us to know our pupils better so we can ensure each pupil gets the right support at the right time. Whole-school patterns in children’s emotional development are also analysed so that we can tailor our themes for assemblies and whole-school events to accurately address the children’s needs. 

The ‘Inspiring Living’ curriculum covers a wide range of personal, social and health education topics. This curriculum was initially developed at the Thomas’s schools and is now being adapted for the Academy with the support of the Thomas’s PSHE team.