General Information:


The following are links to websites that we think might be of interest to you:


• Cbeebies - Information for grown ups

• Family Lives - Advice on all aspects of family life

• Maths Masters - How to support your child's learning

• The School Run - Useful information for primary school parents


Online Safety:


The following are useful sites for information about Online Safety, along with tips for encouraging safe Internet use at home:


• Child Exploitation & Online Protection - Think U Know

• Child Net - Parents & Carers

• London Grid For Learning - Online Safety Resource Centre

• NSPCC -  Net Aware

• Safer Internet Centre - How to set age-appropriate filters


Managing Technology Usage At Home:


The following resources should prove useful in helping you manage your children's home usage:


• Cybersecurity: Vodafone Digital Parenting

• Family Technology Agreement:  The Smart Talk

• Screentime: How to Restrict Things Your Kids Can Do Within Apps

• Multiple Google Accounts: Share Chrome with others or add a profile


Common Sense Help:


If you're unsure about whether or not a website, app or game is suitable for your child, you can use the Common Sense Media review website. It allows you to search for games that are appropriate for a specific age group, and rates their quality and educational value. 


Childnet's Top Tips for Parents:


• Set up a family email address

• Explore the privacy settings available

• Create a family agreement (see our 'Guidelines for home use' for templates)

• Bookmark favourite sites

• Consider parental controls and filtering

• Look for App and PEGI ratings

• Understand the tools provided by the service

• Know who to report to and how to make a report