Sports Premium

Thomas’s Academy is committed to ensuring pupils are engaged in physical activity, kick-starting active healthy life styles. 

Our primary aim is to equip all children to enjoy sport for its health and social benefits, and those pupils that thrive on competition are encouraged to develop their skills and to succeed in their chosen sports.

All children receive two hours a week of high quality Physical Education lessons; this includes swimming for Year 3. Any children who are unable to confidently swim after the Year 3 program continue lessons the following year. 

Thomas’s Academy employs a specialist full time Physical Education teacher. Pupils develop fundamental skills which they can apply to a range of sports. A key aspect of the PE teacher’s role is to ensure that students have equal opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity. We offer a range of sports through after school clubs and lunchtime clubs. We are involved in sporting fixtures throughout the borough. We also have intra sports competitions that are led by our PE staff and older pupils.   

The impact of this PE focus has been a huge increase in the variety of sports available to our children; allowing them to experience competition in a wide range of sports. Pupils are more enthusiastic and involved in sporting opportunities provided by the school.

A focus for us this year has been to develop a fitness program that meets the needs of all pupils and ensures that all pupils are living an active healthy life style. This is supported by our PHSE program.

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