We intend for Thomas’s Academy to be at the forefront of developing an educational provision, fit for the 21st century.


Our approach is based on Four Cornerstones will transformin in 2023-24 to embedded an inclusive approach and cluture.


Be Kind - Learn to Learn - Grow Together - Create Beauty

Each of our Four Cornerstones has a solid theoretical rationale, informing Thomas’s Academy with the very latest educational thinking to ensure that we provide a truly outstanding education.


• Our clear set of values, shared by all of the Thomas's Schools come together under the "Be Kind" Cornerstone

• 'Learn to Learn' highlights our focus on enabling children to improve themselves as learners by teaching and valuing positive learning attitudes

• 'Grow Together' refers to the global-mindedness that is embedded throughout the Academy

• 'Create Beauty' completes our cornerstones, as creating beautiful work is an expectation at Thomas's Academy


Please follow the links on the left for more information about each of these Cornerstones. For those of you who would like to know more about the educational rationale behind The Four Cornerstones, please click here.


Be Kind

Thomas’s Academy is guided by the values that underpin the approach at all of the Thomas’s Schools.


These values: KINDNESS, COURTESY, HONESTY, RESPECT, INDEPENDENCE, CONFIDENCE, LEADERSHIP and HUMILITY are developed further through the ‘Inspiring Living’ curriculum at the Academy.


A ground-breaking tracking system enables us to make an accurate assessment of children’s social and emotional development, to ensure that we are supporting every individual child in their psychological and educational development.



Learn to Learn

At Thomas’s Academy, we place great emphasis on the development of children’s learning.


We focus on the five Learning Attitudes: BE REFLECTIVE, BE INQUISITIVE, BE CREATIVE, BE COLLABORATIVE & BE POSITIVE (RESILIENT) to enable children to understand how they can improve themselves as learners.



Grow Together


Our curriculum and ethos embrace global mindedness, celebrates diversity and supports every child’s journey to success. At Thomas’s Academy, we strive to inspire positive change and growth and truly develop a sense of safety and belonging for all in our community.


Create Beauty

Thomas’s Academy encourages all children to focus over extended periods of time to produce work of real beauty and depth.


We help children develop the persistence and resilience required to produce exceptional outcomes, and we provide time for children to refine their work, with a particular focus on children working collaboratively to critique and improve their work together. Whether in the classroom, in a Sports lesson, in the Art Studio or in their Music Room, creating beautiful work is an expectation at Thomas’s Academy.