Digital Learning


With technology playing such a significant role in society today, we work hard at Thomas's Academy to ensure our approach is relevant and dynamic. Through regular staff training and investment in resources, we ensure children and adults can become digitally literate participants in society.


In EYFS, children have access to a range of technological tools that they explore on a regular basis. Children also begin their experience with Computer Science through simple programming activities. Information Technology is woven into their learning through creating digital drawings with iPad and an interactive whiteboard. From Year 1, children have many opportunities to develop and share their learning digitally. Each class has their own set of iPads and by using the application Seesaw, children can add media such as pictures, text, voice notes and videos to a learning journal that can be viewed by peers, teachers and parents. At Thomas’s Academy, we use Google Workspace for Education and in Years 5 and 6, children use Google Classroom. Overall, these tools help children develop skills in digital content creation, collaboration and communication. Our use of digital tools is embedded in each class and we have a multipurpose computer lab with 30 desktop computers.




At Thomas’s Academy, we teach all three elements of computing: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. Weaved through this is ‘Computational Thinking’ which is an important skill in being able to participate effectively in this digital world. Pupils are immersed in a wide range of experiences including sound and video editing, coding and debugging, movie making and animation, as well as using word processing, data handling and presentation tools.


Digital skills such as mouse and keyboard skills are progressively taught alongside the rest of our Computing curriculum and children are provided with opportunities to apply these to other subject areas. Health and wellbeing is a key focus at Thomas’s Academy and through Computing, children are taught about a range of themes including: digital footprint, positive online relationships and maintaining a healthy technology balance.