Technology is part of everyday life, for most of us technology is essential to our lives, at home and at work. 

At Thomas’s Academy our ICT skills-development programme works alongside the rest of our curriculum to ensure that children are taught specific ICT skills in a progressive way as they go through the school. Pupils are immersed in a wide range of skills including sound and video editing, coding and debugging, movie making and internet safety, as well as using word processing, data handling and presentation tools.

In addition to a weekly computing lesson each classroom has access to iPads, interactive whiteboards and notebooks to research and record work. 


We have a multi purpose computer lab with 15 iMac computers, which are dual boot, running windows 10 and iOS.

Purple Mash -  a vast collection of online learning resources for children
Maths Whizz - an online personalised tutor that caters for the individual needs of our children