The Academy vision for art is for all children to feel confident to create through risk-taking, problem-solving and exploration.


Every child has the ability to make wonderful art and in our studio classroom we give them the opportunity to do this and feel proud of what they have achieved. To create this environment, children are encouraged to learn from the process of making art and not focus on the outcomes. They are told that mistakes are an important part of art-making and sometimes mistakes in art can turn into something beautiful. Collaboration is a regular occurrence in the art room and is an opportunity for the students to work together on large-scale pieces and support each other's learning.


The art curriculum incorporates a wide range of art materials giving the children the chance to experiment with techniques such as painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, mixed media, photography and digital design. While all year groups will learn drawing skills, it is highlighted that drawing ability is not the only way to be a successful artist. We will experiment with many different methods and celebrate creative ideas and individual outcomes.


Art is taught by a specialist teacher who has trained as an artist and an arts educator. Each week, Years 1-4 have a 75-minute class and Years 5-6 have a 90-minute class. Early Years, Reception and Nursery pupils are allocated one hour each week for more informal sessions.