Every child needs and deserves love and encouragement when it comes to their learning. At school we nurture a love of learning that has been created by parents/carers from a child's earliest years.


At Thomas’s Academy we aim to create an approach to home learning that enables children to reinforce their classroom learning at home and give parents the opportunity to help their child to make improved progress in their learning. In doing this we also strive to ensure that home learning does not place onerous demands on children and their parents and we recognise that children should be able to take part in other after school activities in order to develop fully in their own areas of interest.


Home Learning Structure


Early Years


Children in Nursery and Reception are expected to have regular experience of sharing and enjoying books with family members, phonics practice, practical maths activities in the home, playing games and developing their language skills through talking about practical experiences they have had. Teachers in Early Years meet with parents to suggest relevant learning activities for their children and communicate activities to be completed at home via Tapestry. 




Home Learning will be set on Fridays and will be due in on Wednesdays. Each Friday, children in Years 1 to 6 will be set: 


• A Maths Shed online assignment

• A Spelling Shed online assignment

• Maths (CGP Workbook page)

• Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (CGP workbook page)

• Topic (online via Seesaw)




Three times a year during the Half Term holidays, we set home learning that encourages parents to be involved in creative projects to better prepare their child for the forthcoming topic. 


For example: 

• Making a Roman temple (The Great, The Bold, The Brave topic)

• Making a volcano that erupts (What a wonderful world topic)

• A diorama (The Earth, our home topic)

• Making a short documentary on the different holidays our family members have been on (Hooray, let’s Go on Holiday! topic)




Every child from Reception to Year 6 is expected to have a book bag (available from Sogan's) and a reading log which will be provided by the school.


All pupils will be expected to bring their reading book home every evening, and return it every day.


Parents should indicate in the reading log when they have read at home with their child. This should take place on a daily basis. Books are changed at least once a week, more frequently with younger children, and as appropriate for more advanced readers.


Nursery also operate a borrowing system so that children can start to bring books home to read.