Home Learning

The best help any child can receive is love and encouragement and the best things you can give your child are your time and your interest in what he or she is doing in school.

The time you spend talking and listening to your child is extremely important. The first steps in learning to read will come from looking at books with your child from an early age.  Learning songs and rhymes off by heart will also help.

Helping your child to be independent (dressing, tidying up) will help the transition to school where he or she will not have the undivided attention of an adult.  Playing board games and doing puzzles will help your child with counting, taking turns, and learning to win and to lose.

Further up the school, all classes follow a clear Homework Policy. Making sure your child has completed their homework will help him or her develop vital time management skills.

Homework is set for every child from Year 1 to Year 6 every Friday, to be returned to the class teacher the following Wednesday.

Every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has a homework book and homework is presented in a standard format, stuck into the book every Friday:

Date Set:   Date Due  

Maths Homework:

Phonics / Spellings

Writing Task:

Reading Reminder

This may be one of the following:

  • An Oceans Maths Game
  • A times table or set of number bonds to learn
  • A set of problems to be completed in the homework book
  • A Short Maths investigation 

A short Phonics activity or a set of spellings to be learnt for next week

A Short written task to be completed in homework book

Please Remember to read with your child
every day. Please indicate in your child’s reading log when you have read with them, and any comments that you may have.

Every child in the school is expected to have a reading bag, (available from School Uniform Direct) and a reading log which will be provided by the school.

All pupils will be expected to bring their reading book home every evening, and return it every day.

Year 5 & Year 6 are allowed to bring their own rucksacks, all younger children should be carrying a Thomas’s Academy book bag to and from school every day.

Parents should indicate in the reading log when they have read at home with their child. This should take place on a daily basis. Books are changed at least once a week, more frequently with younger children, and as appropriate for more advanced readers.

Reception children also have a book bag, however Homework is set on a more informal basis. We are also trialling a Maths Games Library, which allows younger children to bring activities to play at home.

Nursery also operate a borrowing system so that children can start to bring books home to read.