Religious Studies

We teach the six major world religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism, plus Humanism. One religion is taught as a block each term. RE focus days are taught in the first two days after a half term holiday, therefore three blocked learning sequences per year. In addition to this, religious content is included in assemblies such as Harvest, Eid, Diwali and Christmas.

Our syllabus suggests 45 hours per year of Religious Education (KS2) and 35 hours per year (KS1). Block teaching provides approximately 35 hours, plus an extra day learning on Christianity.

Our RE is enquiry based and each topic is a question, such as: Do Murtis help Hindus to understand God? The children take part in philosophical discussions and are encouraged to share their opinions and thoughts on different beliefs in a safe, non judgmental environment. The greatest respect is expected and witnessed in our RE lessons and the children develop their global mindedness and tolerance of others.

  Year 1 of Cycle  Year 2 of Cycle  Year 3 of Cycle 
Autumn  Christianity Christianity Sikhism
Spring Islam Humanism

+ 1 day of Christianity linked to Easter

Summer  Buddhism Islam Hinduism

Block teaching in Years 1 - 6 provides whole-school learning opportunities. Whenever possible, we also arrange for classes to visit relevant sites and for visitors to come in to school during these special RE days.